1. “YULI” in Chinese, “Sharpness” for globally




      1978年: Estalished Sharpness and mainly manufacture abrasives for wood polishing.8aM湖北玉立

      1983年: Set up the 1st production line for abrasive cloth.8aM湖北玉立

      1987年: Set up the 1st production line for waterproof sand paper.8aM湖北玉立

      1989年: Annual sales over 10million; products won the national quality award.8aM湖北玉立

      1993年: Annual sales over 50million.8aM湖北玉立

      1995年: Products won the Asia-pacific Fair international gold medal. Waterproof sand paper achieved 86% of China market,and Sharpness is reported as the largest factory by coated abrasive association.8aM湖北玉立

      1997年: Set up the 1st customized production line for abrasive belt(Line 1).8aM湖北玉立

      1998年: Annual sales over 100Million.8aM湖北玉立

      1999年: Set up the 1st sanding mesh production line.Convertion items enter into market.
      2000年: Annual sales over 200Million, set up branch factory in Vietnam, ISO9000 certified.8aM湖北玉立

      2001年: Built up the high grade modern production line (Line 2) with european equipments and technologies.8aM湖北玉立

      2003年: Annual sales over 300Million, the 1st production line for non-woven grinding pad start mass production, fiber discs become hot selling.8aM湖北玉立

      2005年: Built up "Yuli International Hotel", Accessory belts for sanding belts start mass production, annual sales over 400Million.8aM湖北玉立

      2006年: "Sharpness"fiber disc be approved by MPA; set up a modern production line for manufacturing ex-width sanding belt(Line 3);Sharpness products had been reputed as "export inspection-exemption products" by State Bureau of Quality Supervision.8aM湖北玉立

      2007年:Set up a new chemical workshop; a full automatic packing line; Yuli training center is defined as a training demonstration base for high grade technicians.8aM湖北玉立

      2008年:Papermaking workshop has been updated on technology and restart production.8aM湖北玉立

      2009年: Expanded a water recycling center to avoid polution.8aM湖北玉立

      2010年: The imported sanding belt convertion line start working; most products be patented.8aM湖北玉立

      2011年: "Sharpness" brand is reputed as "China Famous Trademark" by "China administration of Industry and Commerce"; Start mass production for Sharpness resin bonded grinding wheels.8aM湖北玉立

      2012年: Set up Sanding belt workshop IV.8aM湖北玉立

      2013年: Most Sharpness products get patents.8aM湖北玉立

      2014年: Set up an advanced exclusive non-woven polishing production line, and another production line for resin bonded polishing tools.  8aM湖北玉立

      2015年: Annual sales over 1000Million.

      ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
      Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn